13th Birthday Party ideas

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Celebrate Your Kid’s Next Step in Life the Way They Like It to Be.It is a special moment to turn 13. Having reached the age of 13, your loved one is not a small kid anymore yet they are still too raw to be labeled as a teenager. But indeed, at the age of 13, your kid enters a stage of early maturity before blooming into a full-fledge teenager. This calls for 13th birthday party ideas, one that will allow your loved one to have a celebration of entering a new phase of their life. You may think that turning 13 is not that big of a deal but for your kid it might be one of the most thrilling moments in their life. High school typically starts at this age so it means a lot if you are able to pay attention to this.

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Some Doable 13th Birthday Party Ideas.The aforementioned 13th birthday party ideas should not be something too expensive and too festive either. After all, your kid is one step away from being a teenager so they may not fancy something too big. Keep it simple and make sure it delivers. All you need to do is something that your kid will appreciate knowing that they are not alone in this whole thing about getting mature.So, what are the 13th birthday party ideas that are still doable yet do not leave your kid feeling embarrassed?

Movie Party
Set your home to appear as if the guests are inside a movie theatre. Serve popcorn, ice cream, or fruity slushies for the guests. Design the party invitation to look like the real movie tickets for an added fun.

Beach Party
This one is pretty straightforward; all you need to do is book a beachfront holiday rent and let your kid have fun with their friends.

Pizza party
Preteens and teenagers love pizza—like, who doesn’t? It’s perhaps the easiest party theme to execute. For added fun, rather than making it all about eating pizza, why don’t you turn it into a “make your own” kind of party?

Tea Party
This could be perfect for the birthday gals out there.

Hunger Games Party
Take your kid to a paint ball arena and have fun recreating scenes from the Y.A. movie franchise.

Music Party
Design the house to look like a recording studio. Send out invitation in the form of old CD written using permanent marker.Now what about games and activities? Well, we are talking about preteens here so the idea of participating in games the way they did when they were younger might be off the table. Most preteens and teenagers are fond of hang-out moments but don’t let them indulge in this kind of activity for far too long. Design a game that doesn’t involve too complicated a rule yet still substantial enough to keep the party attendees occupied. As for the venues, there are several options for you to consider taking ranging from a theme park to a laser strike arena or even a movie theater or a gaming parlor.Also you can visit great article Dave and buster birthday parties that will make your child happy.

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