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Get Your Little Boy the Best 1st Birthday Party Ever!Deciding on 1st birthday party themes for boys is a tricky matter. You want the party to be festive enough to entertain all of the invitees but at the same time you wish to be able to keep everything simple. As much as you are happy that your little one has made it through his first 12 months, you would not want to put a lot of stress on him. Take a wrong step and you will end up with a chaos that is definitely stressful—which is not a great way to celebrate your son’s first year.

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Variations of 1st Birthday Party Themes for Boys.Making it all simple and straightforward about 1st birthday party themes for boys is one thing; getting the right theme is a whole other story. Your son is barely even talking let alone choosing a party theme he likes. So you might have to act as the one choosing on his behalf. But it is not actually difficult to come up with an idea for the theme of the birthday party especially when you want it to be gender-specific. Use of colors is the easiest method to characterize a party as being proper for a boy although norms will be norms as you can always choose whatever you like.So, let’s observe the available 1st birthday party themes for boys that you can try to apply.

Before you cringe upon this suggestion, let’s just give it a thought first, okay? Sure, no one can argue that pastel is a color befitting a boy. Its subtle softness clearly spells out feminine so why would anyone want it to be the dominant theme for their boy’s birthday party. But if you are willing to look past the norms, pastel can turn out to be a really neutral color when paired with other elements. Obviously, everything needs to be well-coordinated with one another for the neutral concept to work out. Restrain yourself from pairing it with similarly soft-toned hue like pink or purple and stay away from anything floral.

Incorporating car into a birthday party does not have to mean a real car being involved. Small things can represent this theme such as a hubcap welcome sign bearing your son’s name on the plate. Hang a wall art in the form of a checkered flag could also infuse the scene with automotive-like feel.

Decorations of this kind of party are nautical in appearance. The theme can also be heightened further by giving away sailor’s hat to each of the attendees with their name on it. Don’t forget to also include a cardboard sailboat, which would also be a great photo prop.

Little Lumberjack
A birthday party designed with this theme would be rich in wood elements. Decorations should rustic in look.

Little Blue Truck
The focal point of a birthday party with this theme would be a little blue truck crafted from a piece of cardboard. This blue truck would also function as a photo prop for all the attendees to take a picture with.

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