birthday party themes for 1 year old

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Make Sure You Pick the Right Theme for Your 1-year-old’s First B-Day Bash.Getting one of the most adorable birthday party themes for 1 year old is definitely the goal you probably have at the moment. But before you move on to discovering the right theme for your loved one’s birthday party, there is another one thing equally important for you to keep in mind: simplicity. As a proud parent of a cute 1-year-old, it is understandably easy to go way overboard and you end up filling your house with everyone from the invitees to the invitees’ plus-plus ones. It is important to keep everything manageable. Make the party lasts for an hour and a half; your baby needs some rest still.

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Examples of Birthday Party Themes for 1 Year Old.Now, the key to finding one of the best birthday party themes for 1 year old is theme, as mentioned previously. Everything from decorations to food to favors and activities will be centered on this single aspect. There is no need to think about gender-appropriateness at this stage as everything can still be kept neutral. The safest bet would be to take the cartoon route. Kids love animated movies or TV so the party could not go wrong if you choose to do it this way.So, what are examples of birthday party themes for 1 year old you can try? Let’s find out.

Winnie the Pooh
A birthday party with Winnie the Pooh theme is perhaps the cutest way to do it. Adult guests can be treated to strawberry salad while the little attendees can enjoy their cookies, veggies, and PB&Js. Party favors can take form of Pooh-themed plush.

Mickey Mouse
Your kid’s first birthday bash can use a little Disney. Details of the party can range from solo cups with red-white polka dot motifs to a greeting sign with “Mickey’s Clubhouse” or paper-fan decors with Mickey shape.

Magical Unicorn
Naked ombre cake would be perfect as a centerpiece for this kind of outdoor theme party. The decors should be dominated by everything pastel in color. Throw some glitters to spark things up.

Monsters, Inc.
Of course the Pixar animated movie makes the list. Decorate the room with everything one-eyed and extend the motif to party favors, invitations, as well as desserts. Make sure that the theme oozes through every inch of the part venue with party bags, utensils, and place mats.

Bunny Garden Party
Such a party can be decorated with a big number 1 composed of flowers. Activities in this kind of party could range from bunny mask making to sack races (which adults can take part in as well). A rabbit cake rounds out the party with confetti as grass patches.

Music Theme
This kind of party would be perfect for babies who seem to be unable to turn everything into music instruments. Make sure you provide the baby with utensils for them to bang on the table.

Hand out a bag, binoculars, a canteen, and a hunter hat and invite your guests in a dinosaur egg hunting game.Also you can visit great article the theme of a minion birthday party that many kids love.

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