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With Main Event, Setting up a B-Day Bash is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.The Dallas-based Main Event might just what you have been looking for all this time. The company provides entertainment services that could be perfect for you to use in celebrating your kid’s birthday. The main event birthday party is offered in packages that should be great for you to choose from. Currently, there are 40 entertainment centers operating every day across the states. The company provides clients with video games, billiards, adventure courses of gravity rope, multilevel laser tag, bowling lanes of state-of-the-art technology, and many more. The entertainment company also serves delicious menu created by chefs and cocktails, wine, beer, casual dining, and bar favorites for the adults.

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Main Event Birthday Party Packages.With so many benefits to offer, a main event birthday party is certainly something to look forward to. Both kids and adults can enjoy having a blast in a party arranged by Main Event. You can toss aside that thought of having to deal with all the complicatedness of throwing a party with the help from this company. Designing a birthday party for kids or teenagers could be an energy-consuming endeavor thanks to all the trickiness involved. With Main Event at the ready, you can rest assured that there is no such thing like suffering from a massive headache caused by party details and everything. You, as the parent, can just book a party venue and cherish the moments you share with your kid as they enjoy their precious time during the party. The company takes care of everything: cleaning up, setting up, spreading invitations, you name it. You can just sit back and relax while everything related to your kid’s birthday bash is being handled professionally. But you need to book a party at least 72 hours in advance. Online booking to the company website is accommodated only for an event booked 72 hours before the day and for up to 24 attendees. Anything shorter than 72 hours and more than 24 persons would have to be consulted with the manager directly.

Now, let’s talk about packages of main event birthday party.

The Ultimate package lasts for three hours. It comes with a dedicated host and 4 activities for all attendees.

This package comes with a dedicated host and 3 activities for all attendees.

The Extreme party package is provided with 2 activities for all attendees.

Big Blast
The Big Blast Party Package is offered with only one activity for all attendees.Packages number 2, 3, and 4 runs for 2 hours each. All packages come with one menu out of four options: junior burgers, chicken tenders, quesadillas, or cheese/pepperoni pizza. All packages can be booked if a minimum requirement of at least 10 kids is met. All birthday party packages include a reserved party space special for the birthday star and the party attendees. Clearly, with Main Event, planning a birthday bash for your kid or some other adult friends/family members can be a breeze. Now that you’ve obtained this information, would you still struggle with finding party themes?

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