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Bring Your Daughter and Her Best Friends to Equestria through Her Birthday Party.Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle—what do these names remind you of? That’s right; those are the characters that appear in My Little Pony series. For a show about imaginary horses, My Little Pony is wildly popular especially with little girls all around the world. It appears in a wide array of media from a TV show to merchandises. If you happen to have a daughter who loves the series so much, finding out about my little pony birthday party ideas would be great seeing that you will get the chance to treat her to the thing she is a big fan of.

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My Little Pony Birthday Party Ideas You Should Definitely Give a Shot at.With my little pony birthday party ideas, you can incorporate the many elements from the show to your daughter’s birthday bash. You can then expect your daughter to be happy about two things: Her birthday is celebrated and it as all about My Little Pony. Such elements can be implemented on party components such as activities, party favors, decorations, and invitations. You just need to get creative about it and your beloved daughter would enjoy the party sharing the moment with her best friends—who might also be great fans of the series.

There are any variations of my little pony birthday party ideas you can try. Below are steps you can take to design the best My Little Pony-inspired birthday party for your daughter.

Start with designing the invitations. You can try the following ideas:

Put the invitation in an envelope and include a coloring page of a character from the series.

Get a character plush. Attach party details to the tail and deliver the invites by hand.

Cut a white card stock to make a cloud. Attach colorful ribbons to the bottom.Don’t forget to prepare party                supplies aside from the basic such as decors,napkins,cups, or plates. Make sure you include movies from the      series, toys or play sets, a real pony for rides, clip-in hair extensions, and a karaoke machine.

Elements from the series should be provided in abundance. These include flowers, butterflies, hearts, clouds, and rainbows. For a centerpiece, tie balloons on figures from the series. Place a white craft paper over a table and crayon sets to encourage guests to use them.

Basic snacks should cover hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers, and pizza. Throw some other snacks or food bearing My Little Pony theme. Arrange them in a beautiful composition to better reflect the birthday party theme.As for the cake, you can go for a rainbow cake recipe. Use icing of different colors to frost a rainbow over the cake and add some little horse dolls on top of it.

Party Favor
Hand out goodie bags to all of the attendees containing things that little girls love such as a keychain, fruity lotion, makeup kit, My Little Pony dolls, plastic jewelry, candies, coloring books, stationary, and stickers. Make sure everything comes with My Little Pony theme.Also you can visit great article main event birthday party.

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