the theme of a minion birthday party that many kids love

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Some Ideas for a Great Minion-themed Birthday Party Your Kid Can Never Have Enough of The Despicable Me movie franchise became a hit some time ago and has gone on to spawn a spinoff in the Minions movie, which is as big a hit as its original. Focusing on the minion character from the original animated movie, the spinoff is loved by many kids, which is why a minion birthday party is something to look forward to. Kids all around the world love these henchmen of Gru from the original. Now, if your lkid is one of those little ones across the globe who have fallen for the yellow, goggled critters, you can take them in an adventure that they can never forget.

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Minion Birthday Party Ideas Is it complicated to throw a minion birthday party? Well, a party with a theme this specific surely requires attention paid to it. There are things you need to keep in mind before being able to see your kid’s face glow with excitement.

You can always rely on the many preprinted invitations available on the internet. But you can always make things more personal by making it all by yourself. You can either choose to make it out of yellow card stocks (and draw the eyes and everything with a marker) or use yellow balloons (which resemble the Minions’ round head) and draw eyes and goggles on them using a permanent marker.

Make sure that the decors are dominated by the colors yellow and blue to derive a feel closer to the movie. Additional decorative components may include unicorns, fun weapons, kittens, ballet, and moons. Make a piñata that looks like a Minion (this works both ways for decorative purposes as well as party games). You can also add some cutout Minions to add to the walls and the doors to heighten the theme.

Table Setting
Choose tableware in solid color, especially white, black, blue, and yellow. Mix things up with plates, cups, and napkins of solid color. Get creative with centerpieces, cup sleeves, and napkin rings—make sure that they all bear similar theme.

Include a showing of the Minions movie and serve popcorn in yellow container. Decorate the containers according to the movie theme. Snacks can be mixed up between chocolate candies and banana chips or raisins and cereal.

Party Favors
Keep everything in line with the theme. You can create yellow treat boxes that bear Minion faces on them. Include the following items in the box: temporary tattoos, zipper pulls, key chains, lollipops, bubbles, Pez dispenser, and water guns.

Now, a minion birthday party wouldn’t be complete without activities. Below are some ideas you can come up with to keep the guests entertained throughout the party:

Coloring Pages,Ask the guests to color their favorite characters. Obviously, the coloring pages need to feature characters from the movie, either the original or the spinoff.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Bingo games with Minion theme.

Scavenger hunt.

Balloon game Let the guests be creative in making things out of balloons.

Relay races.

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